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How to Give Your Carpet a Thorough Cleaning

Your carpet is an unsung hero in your home, offering up warmth, ambience and comfortable place for your family to tread. However, it’s precisely these attractive qualities that also make your carpet an attractive place for dirt and germs.

The Dirt on Your Carpet

Carpets and rugs are home to hundreds of thousands of bacteria per square inch. Including the nefarious likes of e.coli and salmonella, these bacteria can cause everything from respiratory troubles, to skin irrigation to bowel distress. When exposed to large quantities, they can even result in major complications, even death.

Granted, you’d really have to ingest a lot to suffer the most severe consequences of bacterial overload, but exposure to smaller amounts can still affect your health and happiness.

This is just one reason you need to regularly clean your carpet. Others include keeping your home looking great,and prolonging the life of your carpet.

Now that you know the why, here’s the how.

5 Steps to a Cleaner Carpet

1. Clear the Way

First up, you’re going to pick up anything that your vacuum can’t or shouldn’t suck up. You’re also going to remove furniture from the room. Enlist help for the heavier objects if you need to, but don’t forgo this step. You want a thorough clean, after all, so vacuuming around tables, chairs and couches won’t cut it. Everything must go so everything can be cleaned.

2. Vacuum

Next, bust out your vacuum to remove any loose dirt and debris. Make sure the bag is cleaned out before you start to facilitate optimal suction. Vacuuming thoroughly!

3. Stain Removal

Now’s the time to get down to the tough stuff. Some stains are obvious; others you may not notice until after you move furniture. Regardless, they’ve got to go. Once you determine the type of stain you’re dealing with, it’s time to clean.

Don’t just use any old cleaning solution on your carpet! Each type of stain requires a slightly different approach to cleaning, so read up on the best DIY concoctions before you apply anything to your floor.

Pro tip: Blot, don’t rub. Rubbing at a stain will usually just make the stain worse, since it will grind the stain further into the fibres of your carpet or rug.

4. Sprinkle & Let Lie

After any damp areas have dried, sprinkle some baking soda over your rug to help remove any unpleasant odours. Allow it to sit an hour, and then vacuum again.

5. Professional Help

You won’t need to enlist the help of professional carpet cleaning services or equipment everytime you clean your carpet but you should at least twice a year. This will ensure your carpet is getting the deepest clean possible.

You can rent carpet cleaning equipment and do the work yourself, and this is a viable option if you know what your carpet or rug is made of and aren’t dealing with a delicate material. Silk, for instance, doesn’t take well to water and would require a specialised dry cleaning process.

Most us aren’t equipped with the knowledge to take on more sensitive projects, so when you do your bi-annual deep clean, seriously consider hiring a pro. Think of this  — and the entire carpet cleaning process — as an investment in the aesthetic appeal and health of your home.

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